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Lawrence River basin and south down into Maine and northern Massachusetts. After that was purchased and settled by the white Americans, they retreated farther into Texas, where they now have a reservation with the Coushatta.

Algonkin or Algonquin — the tribe that gave its name to the Algonquian language family see next entry. It was also once spoken on the Antilles islands.

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They also raided the Pima. They, along with other Muskogean speaking tribes, the CreekHitchitiand Coushattaformed the Creek Confederacy. The closeness of the Algonkin to the French led to their temporary dislodgement from the Ottawa River area by the Iroquois.

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They were driven southward by the Ojibwe and Ottawa into Lower Michigan. Their traditional lifestyle was nomadic and entirely dependent on the resources of the sea. They were the first people to be contacted by the Europeans.

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In their population was estimated atbut by only 6 to 8 individuals could be found. Biloxi — a small Siouan speaking tribe, formerly living near the city in Mississippi that now bears their name. I kept my eyes open and tried to find out if there was any gold, and I saw that some of them had a little piece hanging from a hole in their nose. The Arawak bullied the peaceful Ciboneys, and turned them into servants, but were put upon by the agressive Caribs in their turn.

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Their territory was centered on the upper Alabama River, which like the state through which it runs, was named after them. The following Indian nations speak Algonquian languages: Algonquian or Algonkian; in the past it was called "Algic" — a very large language family whose members lived mainly in the eastern part of the United States.

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They were a nomadic tribe of hunter gatherers of the jungles of southern Surinam, and were discovered by the outside world in