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Taiga Saejima Taiga Saejima Played by Rikiya Koyama A greasy dirtbag and tough Yakuza hitman who was imprisoned in for a killing spree where he walked into a ramen bar and murdered eighteen men from a rival gang. He can actually enter HEAT mode, where he mostly attacks with fast, vicious volleys of punches, and at that point, your best bet is to parry and counter as best you can.

Trying to loop around on the Pervert while he's resting, which he'll do behind the fountain on the Volcano rooftop or Kamiyama's shack if you aren't visible at the time, doesn't seem to work; like every other chase sequence, the key is to cut corners and catch up to the guy, then tackle his spine in half. Dispose of them for 5, XP and a Blackjack Amulet. You'll automatically go to West Park afterward to deliver a touching lesson and earn 5, XP.

In addition to Kazuma, the other three playable characters are as follows: Right on cue, it will abruptly become punch-out-a-bunch-of-assassins o'clock.

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Unlike the other two, she goes almost all the way across Little Asia, and hides on a balcony above Homeland's front door. Agree to her admittedly bizarre request, then go to Shellac in the Champion District.

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He's kind of a moron, but this is one of the more cluttered areas in the game for a chase sequence, so you'll need to be reasonably careful. More importantly, it unlocks access to Ryugujo for Tanimura. Minamizawa rewards you with 10, yen for every correct answer you give him.

Finally, to find Mi-Youn, it's probably fastest to leave Little Asia entirely and circle around to the southern entrance. Go meet with Saki at Shellac, then stop by Naomi's Palace. Her tip is to meet a woman with ties to Bridge in Nakamichi Alley.

Take them out, and a grateful businessman rewards you with a Red Jewel.

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Story and Characters The story of Yakuza 4 kicks off on March 1st,when a gunfight in Kamurocho leads to the death of Hiroaki Arai, the boss of the Kanemura family, an affiliate of Kamurocho's dominant Tojo Clan.

You also receive 5, XP.

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She likes chicken and white champagne, somebody's harrassing her on her blog, and she's a fan of comedy. There, defeat four more Shady Guys, one of whom is carrying stun grenades.

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Saki will reward you with a Seal of the Dragon, and you'll earn a sweet 10, XP. Inside the exclusive content is: He's difficult to spot, but there'll be " Edit Burning Bridges The next time you pass through the intersection in the center of Nakamichi Alley after completing "Clues," three Shady Men will jump you.

Afterward, Naomi will call you, and Tanimura will automatically proceed to Millennium Tower. Stop by Naomi's Palace again, and Tanimura will uncork what may be the dumbest plan of all time: He's at the far south end of Senryo Avenue, right where it turns left, arguing with a few crooks. These serve as introductions and reminders to in game features and tutorials for certain aspects not fully discussed through the games progression.

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Naomi's Palace is just a little further south along the street. Newest Features To continue the trend of an evolving framework, Yakuza 4 also contains a few new additions to it's system and open environments. After the fight, you'll return to Shellac and receive 5, XP. Edit The Witness On the east side of Theater Avenue, you'll overhear a couple of bystanders talking about a scared guy in the Kamuro Theater tunnel.

Your next stop is on Suppon Street, which is a small dead-end avenue half a block north of the New Serena Backlot. He became disenchanted with life in the force after a case tying his father to a local Yakuza boss. Once you've chased down all three welshers, you receive two million yen Head there to visit Urban Foods and pick a fight with Tsugawa.

Rescuing Mei Hua is worth 5, XP.

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Go to the bar.