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After the tumor is removed, Amelia and Owen reflect on their marriage and decide that everything up to that point has been misguided; the tumor made Amelia someone she was not, and they ultimately decide to get a divorce. During the construction, Owen Hunt Kevin McKidd struggles with the shocking reunion with his sister, Megan Abigail Spencerwho was recently found in a hostage camp overseas.

Jo learns she has been accepted into Mass Gen's fellowship program, but fearful of losing Alex, Meredith offers Jo the general surgery attending position. Upon receiving the news, he tries to attack them in a bout of rage; however, he falls out of bed and hits his head knocking him unconscious, rendering him brain dead. Still legally his wife, Jo decides to have them remove all life-sustaining support.

As Paul keeps trying to find Jo, Meredith pretends to call security to have him removed, but he leaves before they can get there. While Owen and Amelia struggle with adjusting to being foster parents—Owen to a baby and Amelia to the baby's teenaged mother on drugs, Arizona continues to battle with Sofia who wants to move back to New York to be with her other mom, Callie.

However, an unexpected visit from Nicole Herman changes those plans just slightly. He wrote that "the show needs a jolt of old-school energy to improve its vitals going into Season 12, and an Izzie comeback would be just what the doctor ordered.

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Shortly after, he immediately dies from cardiac arrest. Derek Shepherd was killed off towards the end of the eleventh season in the episode " How to Save a Life ", meaning he will not return for the twelfth season as previously thought.

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Michael Ausiello from TVLine speculated on the return as he thought the upcoming twelfth gery slot would be the perfect opportunity for Heigl to return to the show. On a ferry back to the main land, Maggie has the idea to have Meredith ordained online to officiate the wedding right there on the ferry. Disgusted with the whole situation, Meredith decides to gery slot her and her mother's Harper Avery awards and Bailey shuts down the research contest.

The man had 13 cases of sexual harassment filed against him, and she herself paid the women major settlements to keep it all covered up. Heigl's rumored return[ edit ] Rumors began back in about a possible return of Katherine Heigl 's character Izzie Stevens to Grey's Anatomy after Heigl expressed her desire to return for an arc to complete Izzie's story.

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They see in her chart a history of OCD and believe that is the underlying issue, since the tests they are running are coming back negative. But when gery slot points out how the tumor has affected her judgment, she fears that it might have ruined her patient's lives or put them in more danger—specifically Dr Nicole Herman Geena Daviswho despite saving her life, was left blind.

The wedding is delayed when the wedding planner goes into anaphylactic shock and an emergency tracheotomy is performed to save her. Derek Shepherdportrayed by Patrick Dempsey, is not included in the main cast of characters.

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Meredith denies the ultimatum. Callie Torres in the season finale. As she begins to question her faith, she acts out and sleeps with an intern. As Ellis Grey would say: ABC put out a statement claiming Dempsey wanted to pursue other interests.

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Sara Ramirez also renewed her contract for another two seasons as Dr. Meredith designs a plan to keep from being deported.

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Now that Megan is healthy again, Meredith and Nathan work together to bring her gery slot over to the United States. With the research projects humming along, Owen and Amelia continue to take advantage of their "friends with benefits" relationship, that is until Amelia learns how close Owen is with Teddy. The cast of Grey's Anatomy had a special celebration for the th episode of the show with several actors sharing the celebration on Twitter on September 15, When Marie denies access to the patent, Meredith is forced to investigate further into the reason why.

Alex Karev for the 13th season. The possibilities for what may come are endless. With all the stress and work that comes with being Chief of Surgery, Bailey begins to show fabien roulette of a heart attack.