Graton tight slots, been to graton...

More fun and games than ever before!

The one in the middle is nicer and decently priced. Yes, we'll go again.

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We were a bit disappointed that Graton didn't have some of the flashier, huge banks of slots where guests play as a sort of team. I once hit a minor with a bonus of no retriggers. I love the slots and Graton has a lot of them.

graton tight slots

I know I know, there is that old excuse that they would lose their license. Graton tight slots can tell by how many points you get with the card.

Blackjack 2 to 1

I expected atleast a jackpot. Tight slots but fun atmosphere and great food! The casino itself is nice enough although the machines are set too high, higher than Vegas actually, and higher than any other Native American casino that I've been to in California. I told the supervisor, why not show the card so we know it's not cheating us.

I'll happily play at almost any other casino first.

graton getting tighter and tighter

We had a tim allen soaring eagle casino at the Chinese restaurant, M. The food was excellent, but it took a along time for our food to arrive and it was expensive!

Casino has a commanding presence amongst rolling hills of Northern Californias wine country. Play your favorite slot machines online!

Graton Casino Tight Slots

With them not following regulations of changing cards in timely scheduled manner and changing limits on the whim as well as ruling against players for dealer's mistakes forcing them to play wrong order cards cuz the bet were high, what make customer think they are fair? Sure i got some hits in between but they weren't big enough.

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We are not gamblers, really, but we go to the nearby casinos four times a year for entertainment. Advance level by level and unblock new machines. One less customer due to the tight slots, sorry. That's smoke and mirrors.