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So it is clearly not a given that people must keep using the same branding. For example, the inventors of Java knew that their programming language has many elements derived from other languages. As you point out they are both companies, they are entities which are endeavouring to sell products to make money. Aapje September 14, at Part of its success, he holds, lay in the fact that at its height, Occupy could be described by a Claude Levi-Strauss term: The problems come when you use the same metaphors repeatedly.

Now, my point is that many of the same mechanisms that affect brands, also affect the names casino buys gpa advocacy movements.

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These usually have positive and negative sides, so there is a cost and benefit to abandoning the brand and building up a new brand. So an advocacy movement that adopts a strong brand will often get support because of their brand reputation. You seem to consider it a given that people have to communicate their knowledge on this front, but many others do not do this by keeping the same name.

You seem to consider it a logical statement that people have to keep the same name if they are part of the same tradition, but you should really unpack this and realize that this last sentence is not 1-on-1 connected to adopting an existing name of a movement with different ideals. Also, they often depend on others to make the evaluation, so they trust casino pioneers perception of the brand that others communicate in various ways.

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Aapje September 14, at 5: Art Vandelay September 14, at 2: So understanding the way brands affect people helps you understand how other labels affect people. That is a very specific point and I never extended my analogy beyond that.

I just explained why movements rarely just dissolve themselves when they reach their initial goals, but why they tend to get taken over.

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Using a thing which you understand well as an analogy in order to make sense of something you understand less well can be useful. And it makes coordinating a large group easier than trying to argue for each individual policy. So the way I see it, you are chastising me for a completely non-standard reading of my words. It all gets processed by the same human brain. Communists understood themselves to be continuing a Marxist and socialist tradition, yet they chose to use a different name, rather than adopt a more generic brand.

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If you always discuss the brain as if it were a computer, it comes to seem increasingly like a computer to you.