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An intimate A and B section leads you into a huge chorus. Click on the below thumbnail for a larger image.

Is Joe's glove that soft? Most of us have experienced this, and it's not pretty, so it does strike a chord in most people including the two authors of this song. Moscow Main Station in sub-zero snow at midnight, with all the steam, hustle, bustle was amazing, and the journey itself, down to the tea Samovar in your sleeper car, and the fur-trimmed uniform of the stewardessesso evocative.

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October 28th John guested on Aryeon's The Theory of Everything recently and the album was released today! The guy just can't get enough of this poor girl, and would die for herwhich leads onto the only uplifting love song of the album………….

The juxtaposition of his life before, then mohegan sun casino wilkes barre address change in his heart, is documented here, and for once, it's a happy ending.

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This re-mastered set features Monkey Business which has been out of print for nearly 10 years and Jack-Knife which has been out of print for nearly 20 years. Two shows on the 9th and 10th November at Club Citta in Kawasaki have been confirmed.

John is looking forward to this show in particular and commented "This will be a unique show as an orchestra will be joining the band on stage for some pieces. I remember clearly we were in Wales all our writing for this album was done either at Geoff's studio in Wales or in Dorset, where I live. The trip takes all night, plenty of time to document the atmosphere of this incredible journey.

It's wishing safe passage to someone who passed awaythe imagery is of a battlefield where the storyteller is lifted by the Valkyrie and taken to a safe placethe recurrent Guardian Angel theme in the lyrics of Gravitas comes from personal experience.

The Snake Ranch on Lots Road, Chelsea, Hans Zimmer's studio on Fulham Road, we would be toiling away writing and recordingof course we had no idea that any of it would be useful decades later, but IWDFY is a stonking, riffy, no-nonsense tune about love in the first blossom of lust.

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September 26th Please click here for John's recent interview with Radio Tangra prior to the show in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. John said "It goes without saying that I am very much looking forward to once more sharing the stage with District the most exciting, explosive and musical band of its generation.

The album is available to pre-order from Amazon. You can hear John's appearance here: I had the opening line, and at my house in Bournemouth, Geoff and I expanded the sequence, and birthed the song.

September 11th For those following John's guest appearances, you may be interested to see the two fronts covers that mohegan sun casino wilkes barre address just been published for the first maki monte casino The release can be pre-ordered through the below link, with digital links to follow.

You can see how the news was announced here: When I heard it, I just asked GD to remember it, we agreed that it would be terrific in sequence on the album. Petersburgit had to be documented. I had the title and a chord sequence, and we tossed this around for a while, until something clicked, and there was a moment, that spark that ignites the afternoon, and tells us that we have somethingthe muse gives it aide mobili jeune casino blessing, and another ASIA song is conceived.

However, the opening chords were destined to be played on a noisy, in-your-face electric guitar.

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The venue is of outstanding natural beauty triple lucky sevens slot machine the whole show will be filmed to become our first DVD with new guitarist Sam Coulson. The location of the birthplace of the song is echoed in the introduction, an Asian Welsh male voice choir. August 30th John is pleased to confirm that he will be singing on the next Aryeon album.

Palmer on this, as on all the songshe hits harder than any drummer I've ever worked with, he plays what is right for the track while maintaining his unique identity. Great guitar solo from Sam on this onewhat gets me every time is just as you think he might be running out of steam, he kicks into another tone, and just nails it.

I tried a version of Valkyrie which would be a modern, 21st Century businesswomanbut went back to the Valkyrie's original purpose of safe delivery to the afterlife, whatever that may be. Click on each image for a larger version. This song was the first to emerge from our myself and Geoff Downes many writing sessions that take place before the formal recording takes place.