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During the match, Undertaker and Kane performed a double Chokeslam on Strowman through a broadcast table.

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Hopefully, Ziggler and Breeze deliver and high-quality match and force the creative team to pay more attention to them moving forward. Silverstein highlighted the negative reaction of former WWE Champion Mick Foleywho was "on the verge of becoming a former WWE fan" after seeing how "WWE has completely failed to capitalize not only on the male wrestlers drawing slot schede di espansione reactions from the crowd" like "Ziggler to Cesaro to Kevin Owens", but also the "female performers who are promoted well on the company's NXT developmental show but hardly given any time to 'get over'" on the WWE main roster.

Tyler Breeze's character was enhanced by using the Unprettier move, while Dolph Ziggler, in copying Shawn Michaels ' dressing and mannerisms, "just needs to figure out who he is, and quickly.

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And the uniformly terrific cast is up for anything, selling broad humor with the same ease as social commentary. Eight wrestlers that were victorious at Hell in a Cell competed in singles matches, with the winners advancing to a Fatal 4-Way match.

Breeze executed an Unprettier on Ziggler to win the match. While the event was not "awful" due to an "phenomenal" entrance for the Undertaker on his 25th anniversary and three "solid" matches: The two faced each other that night in a rematch for the WWE Divas Championship which ended in a double count-out after Paige failed to get back in the ring in time after preventing Charlotte from getting back in first.

The decision makers could also flip one of them heel, which I think is the most likely scenario to play out. Their friendship was further strained on the December 3 episode of SmackDown, when Charlotte attacked Lynch's opponent Brie Bella while locked in the Dis-arm-her after Bella hit her by accident, giving Bella a disqualification win.

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As Reigns won by disqualification, The Usos were inserted into the title match. Survivor time slot 2015 has a taste for the absurd. Starz Thanks to the popularity of Power and OutlanderStarz has finally become a player in the premium-cable field. During the match, Charlotte executed a Natural Selection on Paige, causing Paige to roll outside the ring.

After the match, Triple H came in the ring to congratulate Reigns. It could have Reigns beat Ambrose clean, leave both men babyface and hope people finally fully embrace him.

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It is musty, tedious and worst of all, predictable. The tournament final was too short to be rated over two-and-three-quarters stars, where "WWE was just not going to waver from the plan to have Reigns win" despite Ambrose enjoying a more favorable reaction.

However, I have no such desire to see this match unfortunately, as puzzling storytelling and booking have soured my anticipation for the encounter First off, why would this match only be two-on-two?

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Dallas was eliminated by O'Neil after a Clash of the Titus. Here's a Survivor Series infographic, courtesy of Rukkus. While we take all threats seriously, we do not have specific or credible information of an attack at this time.

Kevin Owens This match is a little tricky. Although he did drop his first match Raw match. The Undertaker participated in a "fine nostalgic match" that would be "satisfying" for fans of his, but for others an "exhibition match victory over heels who were defined-down as henchmen".

This is where things get even trickier.

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In the fifth match, Tyler Breeze faced Dolph Ziggler. Roman Reigns emerged victorious and was named the 1 contender. So what exactly am I getting out of watching this match at Survivor Series again?

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Ambrose executed Dirty Deeds on Reigns for a near-fall. They hate being far apart but loathe being too close for comfort. The following night on Raw, Undertaker's brother Kane confronted The Wyatt Family but was also overpowered and carried out.

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The Ambrose-Owens semi-final was rated three-and-a-quarter stars, due to both wrestlers being "really good in the ring and they had strong chemistry building to the finish". Reception[ edit ] The entire event and also "particularly the event's finish, was widely met with negative reviews and utter disappointment from observers", as described by Adam Silverstein of CBSSports.

The show went on with no attack from ISIS. Storylines[ edit ] The professional wrestling matches at Survivor Series featured professional wrestlers performing as characters in scripted events pre-determined by the hosting promotionWWE.

Reigns performed a Spear on Ambrose for a near-fall. Del Rio and Ambrose vs. After Reigns kicked out of a pinfall attempt, Sheamus executed another Brogue Kick on Reigns to win the championship. Remorse's contribution to the debate?