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That season replaced the dice with a roulette table containing 18 letters on it.

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The final six competed in their first black jackets challenge, went up against former runner-ups at dinner service, and one of the most hot headed chefs was finally eliminated. The blue team got heirloom tomatoes, daikon, dragon fruit, edamame, and chicken, while the red team got chicory, lamb, turnips, Brussels sprouts, online casino complaints truffles.

Still, Chef Ramsay reminded Steve he was the strongest member of the Blue Team and that he had to leave with his head high, leaving open the possibility for Steve to return in a future season. The red team's loss was put squarely on Frank's shoulders due to his hells kitchen craps performance. Meanwhile, the blue team spent the day carrying ice packs and replacing the kitchen's ice machines, as well as prepping a king-sized halibut for the upcoming dinner service.

The blue team were also hells kitchen craps to take a delivery of ingredients at 3: Both teams started out strongly with their appetizers, but Frank had clear issues with scallops, as well as overcooked lobster, prompting Chef Ramsay to call the whole red team to the pantry for a brief meeting. Frank, clearly crumbling, then accidentally sent Chef Ramsay a raw salmon, stirring his anger and prompting him to relocate four of the already finished blue team members to the red kitchen to finish the service.

The winner of each guessing round got to choose the best ingredient on the board, while giving the losers the worst of the ingredients. The final five taught beauty pagent models how to cook, and Italian Night dinner service hells kitchen craps painful, and a satisfying elimination of one of the most inconsistent chefs occurred.

Vinnyfrom the blue team, went twice to even the ingredients up. Right after the end of the service, Frank apologized to everyone on the red team, as well as, Chef Ramsay for his awful dinner service performance. After Frank writes a letter in appreciation to Chef Ramsay, both teams are presented with the "Hell's Kitchen Craps " challenge introduced in season 6where each contestant rolls a die which has letters on each of its twelve sides.

While the Red Team faced creativity issues with preparing the dish especially Frank, who hells kitchen craps picked the more complicated ingredients during an imaginative burstSade commandeered the blue kitchen, wanting to make up for her failure in the previous challenge. After Chef Ramsay visited him, Steve was informed it was unfortunate, but he was forced to leave for the rest of the season to recover.

The blue team got halibut, endives, salsify, crab, peas, and bacon, while the red team got mango, duck, beets, shallots, ham, and turnips. In the end, the red team won the challengeand were rewarded with a private jet trip to Santa Barbara to stay at the Belmond El Encanto resort, while the blue hells kitchen craps had to deal with a delivery of potatoes and then sifted through garbage to find what was recyclable.

This time, each team member cooked their own dish based on their team's ingredients. The red team got garlic, ham hock, haricot verts, which was french for green beans, potato, and rabbit, while the blue team got haddock, figs, angel hair pasta, apples, and tomato. Despite little confidence, the blue team managed to win since the red team's garlic puree was too strong.

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The blue team won a skydiving experience in a vertical wind tunnel, while the red team had to clean the front entrance of Hell's Kitchen, and prep both kitchens. Christina and Justin went to Las Vegas, competed in their final challenge, and reunited with their old teammates.

The red team was rewarded with a trip to Las Vegas and dinner at Ramsay's BurGR, while the blue team had to take in ice packs, replace the ice machines, prep a king-sized halibut, and take in ingredients at 3 am.

It also returned to the dice format. Season 8 Edit On episode 7, the challenge happened when there were 9 chefs remaining, with 5 on the red team, and 4 on the blue team.

Season 13 Edit On episode 9, the challenge happened when there were 11 chefs remaining, with 6 on the blue team, and 5 on the red team. The blue team got kale, yams, miso, sea bass, and asparagus, while the red team got rutabaga, cauliflower, Bok choy, fennel, and salmon.

Even worse, it was revealed that Sade 's dish was the best of the blue team, and that it could have won it. The red team won a trip to Las Vegas and met magician duo Penn and Teller, while the blue team had to prepare potatoes to make French fries.

Southern Cuisine was the main theme, a funny contestant was put in their place, and another had a meltdown on what should have been an easy night for them.

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However, seconds after the contestants leave for their dorms, Chef Ramsay called both teams back into the kitchen and remarked Steve had been forced to leave due to his injuries, something that would normally be regarded as the elimination of the evening.

Season 17 Edit On episode 4, the challenge happened when there were 14 chefs left, with 7 on each team. After the punishment, Steve suffered an injury to his right knee, possibly a muscular distension, which required medical attention and being taken to the hospital via ambulance. With the dishes prepared, Chef Ramsay suddenly decided he'd name one member of each team as the igt double blackjack having the red and blue teams decide, in two minutes, which of the best respective dish, out of the others, Chef Ramsay would prove.

In the end, the Red team had picked potatoes, duck, lime, lemons, heirloom tomatoes and pine nuts, while the blue team had selected easier ones, such as cauliflower, Chilean sea bassleeks, machedaikon and tomatoes. The red team was then asked to nominate two chefs, based not only on that night's performance, but also on the season as a whole so far.

It was very close, but in the end, La Tasha 's dish won over Bryant 's as his daikons were under seasoned. Frank's departure marks the second time in the history of Hell's Kitchen that a chef was eliminated during the post-service meeting the first being Tennille Middleton from Season 6. However, he hells kitchen craps continued on to say that he would be making an exception to that rule and called Sterling, Jennifer, Roe and La Tasha forwards and had them "say goodbye