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ExpressCard is simpler and cheaper to implement than PC Card Because ExpressCard harnesses buses that already exist on a host system, it doesn't require a separate ASIC to integrate it to a host system. This is referred to as the extended portion of the card and ExpressCards with such a configuration are referred to as extended cards.

The extended portion can exceed the card dimension in any axis, but there are obvious practical limitations to how much. Either form factor is allowed additional volume extending outside of what would be considered the flush portion of an inserted card.

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Hewlett-Packard began shipping systems with ExpressCard in November While this technically breaks the specification, many consumers have been clamoring for such a device. The form factors share the same dimensions except for width, from which the names of the form factors are derived.

The ExpressCard has a maximum throughput of 2. PCMCIA literature has expressed that systems deploying multiple ExpressCard slots should lay them out adjacently on a horizontal plane rather than the "stacked slot" convention employed by PC Card slots.

For an excellent example of an ExpressCard with an extended portion on two axis depth and width see: Rather than a pin parallel connection used in PC Card, ExpressCard utilizes a pin beam on blade serial connection. ExpressCard 54 Cards are 54mm wide at their widest point and 34mm wide at the connection point, creating a shape often referred to as a "Fat-L".

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However, it is useful to explain why this is the case. At the June 8, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference the company announced that the inch and inch MacBook Pro models would replace the ExpressCard slot with a Secure Digital card slot, while retaining the ExpressCard slot on the inch model.

Some laptop computers do not have an ExpressCard slot. Several new devices behave like USB 2. The ExpressCard FAQ claims lower cost, better scalability, and better integration with motherboard chipset technology than Cardbus.

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Both the widths and shapes of the two ExpressCard form factors are different, but the portion of the card which connects to the card slot are an identical 34mm. Furthermore, ExpressCard cards are completely different from PC Cards in voltages, form factor, physical connectivity and bus technology.

The gap between the card and the larger slots allowed cards to be easily dislodged or come loose.

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ExpressCard saves in both cost and complexity in this regard. What PCMCIA describes as a "novel guidance device," which seen in the lower left corner of figures A and B, physically guides an ExpressCard 34 device to the connector part of the slot. The ExpressCard standard specifies voltages of either 1. Eurocom notebooks Panther 3.

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SlotGuardExpress puts an end to disrupted connections and equipment damage caused by ExpressCards moving side to side laterally in larger slots. Multi-platform support for most modern operating systems. In June Apple discontinued the inch model and no further Macbooks have offered an ExpressCard slot.

A mobile broadband modem integrated into ExpressCard 34 An ExpressCard slot had been commonly included on high-end laptops made since eastpak sac a roulette ExpressCard 54 slots, as pictured in figures A and B on the right, are able to accept both 54 and 34 cards. This allows systems deploying ExpressCard technology to take full advantage of current low power utilization throughout.

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Fujitsu-Siemens began shipping systems [7] with ExpressCard in mid When cards come loose and disconnect during operation, they drop signal, or worse, can damage the ExpressCard and even the ExpressCard slot. When the PC Card was introduced, the only other way to connect peripherals to a laptop computer was via RS and parallel ports of limited performance, so it was widely adopted for many peripherals.

The cards are hot-pluggable. Paying attention to this last fact is important when shopping for ExpressCard products, if a device only has an ExpressCard 34 slot, then only shop for ExpressCard 34 devices.

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ExpressCard 34 and ExpressCard ExpressCard Slotting ExpressCard slots come in two varieties; those designed for both ExpressCard 54 and 34 cards, and those for ExpressCard 34 cards only.

Works great with Panasonic P2 Cards! ExpressCard alternatively utilizes USB 2. ExpressCard 34 cards are 34mm wide and rectangular in shape. Since the connection part of the card for both types of ExpressCards is identically 34mm, this scheme provides an elegant solution for utilizing both types of cards.

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ExpressCard share a length of 75mm and a depth or thickness of 5.