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These events include, but are not limited to, the results of a trial or contest of skill, speed, power, or endurance of a person or beast or between persons, beasts, fowl, motor vehicles, or mechanical apparatus or upon the result of any chance, casualty, unknown, or contingent event. The holder of the liquor control license or beer permit or any agent or employee of the license or permit holder does not participate in, sponsor, conduct or promote, or act as cashier or banker for any gambling activities, except as a participant while playing on the same basis as every other participant.

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Any person under the age of twenty—one years shall not make or attempt to make a gambling wager, except as permitted under chapter 99B. Any person who knowingly offers, gives or sells the person's services for use in collecting or enforcing any debt arising from gambling, whether or not lawful gambling, commits an aggravated misdemeanor.

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Games of skill, games of chance, and card games may be conducted on premises either licensed or unlicensed and no license fee shall be required if a bona fide social, employment, trade or professional association relationship exists between the sponsors and the participants and the participants pay no consideration of any nature, either directly or indirectly, to participate in the games, and only play money or other items of no intrinsic value which may be wagered are provided to the participant free, and the sponsor conducting the game receives no consideration, either directly or indirectly, other than goodwill.

For an owner of no more than two electrical and mechanical amusement devices registered as provided in section 99B. Moneys in the fund are appropriated to the department of inspections and appeals and the department of public safety for administration and enforcement of sections 99B.

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All moneys wagered shall be awarded to participants. For purposes of this subsection, "cash" means United States currency.

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However, notwithstanding subsection 1, paragraphs "b" and "c"if the games are conducted by a qualified organization issued a license pursuant to subsection 3, the sponsor may charge an entrance fee to a participant and the sponsor need not have a bona fide social relationship with the participant. For a manufacturer or manufacturer's representative, two thousand five hundred dollars.

Gambling other than social games is not engaged in on the premises covered by the license or permit. For a fee, deliver anything of value which has been received outside the enclosure of a racetrack licensed under chapter 99D to be placed as wagers in the pari-mutuel pool or chess gambling casino key west systems of wagering. If the department finds cause for suspension, the license shall be suspended for a period determined by the department.

Each determination of a winner by the method described in the preceding sentence is a single bingo game at any bingo occasion. For chess gambling purpose of determining the existence of a lottery under this section, a consideration shall not be deemed to have been paid or furnished where all or substantially all entries representing chances to win are submitted by means of the internet or the United States mail or by similar delivery method to the person or persons conducting the lottery, game of chance, contest, or activity prior to any prize being awarded, and where one or more of such chances to win may be obtained by participants where no purchase or payment is required to enter or win.

The distribution of moneys in the fund to the department of inspections and appeals and the department of public safety shall be pursuant to a written policy agreed upon by the departments.

A video machine golf tournament game is capable of receiving program and data information from an off-site location.

Except as otherwise permitted by section 99B. If the department finds cause for denial of a license, the applicant may not reapply for the same license for a period of two years.

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When used in this section, "lottery" shall mean any scheme, arrangement, or plan whereby one or more prizes are awarded by chance or any process involving a substantial element of chance to a participant, and where some or all participants have paid or furnished a consideration for such chance.

In any game requiring a dealer or operator, the participants must have the option to take their turn at dealing or operating the game in chess gambling regular order according to the standard rules of the game. The person occupying the premises as an owner or tenant has submitted an application for a license and an application fee chess gambling one hundred dollars, and has been issued a license for those premises, and prominently displays the license on the premises.

A person whose registration is revoked under this subsection who is a person for which a class "A", class "B", class "C", or class "D" liquor control license has been issued pursuant to chapter shall have the person's liquor control license suspended for a period of fourteen days in the same manner as provided in section The department shall adopt rules providing for the submission of information to the department by a person registered pursuant to this section if information in the initial registration is changed, including discontinuing the business in this state.

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In a prosecution under section No person receives or has any fixed or contingent right to receive directly or indirectly any amount wagered or bet or any portion of amounts wagered or bet, except an amount which the person wins as a participant while playing on the same basis as every other participant. No participant wins or loses more than a total of fifty dollars or other consideration equivalent thereto in all games and activities at any one time during any period of twenty-four consecutive hours or over that entire period.

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If the applicant is an organization, then the requirements of paragraph "a", subparagraphs 1 through 3apply chess gambling the officers, directors, partners and controlling shareholders of the organization. The license may be issued only upon submission to the department of an application and a license fee of twenty-five dollars. A game of skill or game of chance lawfully may be conducted by a person at mk2 golf p slots amusement concession, but only if the person has been authorized to conduct the game at a specific location as follows: