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The plug must be put into a socket with protective contact. The Electrolux Group is the world's largest producer of powered appliances for kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use.

Accessories for all BBQs and Gas Grills:

If there is no such, it is recommended to get an electrician to fit an earthed socket in compliance with standards near the refrigerator. Storage Drawer The oven To change the oven light bulb Turn all controls to off and check that the oven is not hot. Bases which are convex curve outwards will tend to spin on the hob and will not conduct heat very well.

This time the appliance is suitable for storing frozen and deep-frozen foods. To move the cooker forwards, open the oven door, lift carefully holding the upper edge and then pull the cooker out from the wall.

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Take care of the instruction book which will be needed by the new owner if the cooker is sold or passed on to someone else. Break the circuit of the appliance. Even with the control still turned on during cooking, these areas may be seen to switch off and on at intervals, depending partly on the heat setting used.

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When placing, take into consideration that it is practical connection between gambling and crime operate the appliance between ambient temperature limits according to the climate class that is given in the chart below and can be found in the data label.

Placement Placement The ambient temperature has an effect on the energy consumption and proper operation of the appliance.

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USD 14 billion in more than countries around the world. Total wattage V-model W: NOTE The main power supply to the cooker is still connected.

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Service Service Service Repairs and work on the cooker must be carried out by a qualified electrician. Thick frost and ice has an insulating effect, so it reduces cooling efficiency as the temperature increases and needs more energy.

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Push the cooker into place and adjust its level see below before fitting the safety equipment. Remove foods from the refrigerator. EKC Width mm: Unscrew the old bulb.