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We have a passion for terriers and breed Norfolk, Cairn, Jack Russell and Airedale Terriers.

This requires a chest of sufficient depth to give good heart and lung room, but without so much depth and width that the dog is encumbered underground. The tail is set on high and customarily docked to a length so that the tip of the tail is level with the top of the ears.

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The upper arm is sufficiently long to ensure that slot american tourister instellen elbows are set well under the body, and forms an apparent degree angle with the shoulder blade. The pasterns are short, powerful, straight, and flexible.

All are dense, hard, and weather resistant covering the entire dog, including the belly and underside of the thighs.

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The chest must be capable of being compressed so that the dog is unhindered when working underground. Extreme viciousness, shyness or major physical deformities. Rough- and broken-coated dogs may be stripped to preserve the quality of the coat. The well-sprung ribs extend well back, but must be capable of being spanned behind the shoulder by an average man's hand.

When the dog is at rest, the tail may drop.

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Gradually widens from the nape and blends smoothly into the shoulders. A double coat consisting of a short, dense undercoat and very dense, wirey outer coat. There is a minimum of falling away under the eye giving black tan jack russell stud moderate chiseled scissors bite.

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Ear leather is soft and fine. The back is of moderate length, lakeland brussel sprout roulette level, blending into a muscular, slightly arched loin with slight to moderate tuck up.

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His swift and intelligent movements match his intelligent expression. Solid red, solid tan from a chocolate brown to a light lemon tantrue chocolate, solid black, or black with tan or red points are acceptable colors for a Hunt Terrier.

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The elbows are set close to the body, but able to move freely in action. The broken coat lies closer to the body than a rough coat and has longer guard hairs than a smooth coat.

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The only Association set out to promote, preserve, and keep a registry of the "original" black and tan Jack Russell Terrier Hunt Terrier. The coat can be rough, smooth or broken.

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The neck is strong and muscular allowing the head to be carried with poise. The following faults should be penalized: The Hunt Terrier moves with a jaunty, confident attitude, conveying the character of the breed.

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The Hunt Terrier is perfectly designed to go to ground. Dewclaws may be removed.

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Skin is thick with a dense coat.