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Again, if you'd like some specific proof tokens or sets, feel free to contact me. Contact Me My new book has been published.

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I picked up a number of uncirculated Humboldt Hotel tokens. When gambling was first legalized in Nevada inplenty of casinos sprang up in Las Vegas.

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Inhe wrote to several other collectors who had subscribed to his newsletter earlier and asked them if they were interested in joining a club. Casinos Online You are welcome to get the latest news of casino world! Sign up and receive a free welcome bonus for your game.

Two of the earliest chip collectors had first published newsletters for a short time, one of them had been Archie Black who had lived close to Atlantic City. Slowly as the popularity of the casinos and table games increased it became necessary to have a standard mode of currency which could be used at the table.

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Hundreds of collectors today seek out the club to get information on how to start a casino chip collection and things which they need to keep in mind before purchasing chips. Read the info concerning all the aspects of gambling sphere, including casino bonus and casinos with the best online poker rooms to play at.

I'll only have a portion of my collection on the web site at any one time, so there is a chance that if you want a particular Nevada token, I just might have it.

Over the years the club has grown immensely and today it is considered to be the most important club for casino club collectors. I also have several Franklin proof sets and individual tokens that are also available. I'll list these on the web site periodically.

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With this intention the casino chips had been introduced and over the years the casino chips have evolved in quite a large way. Choose the best casino game to play, discover the exciting facts of gambling culture, read the reviews of all well-known casinos and enjoy the casino world in full!

The first ever group of casino chip collectors had been around twenty but very soon the club grew immensely. I will also be listing some Featured Tokens on the site. Before 80s, the tokens and chips could be found only rarely outside of casinos. There will be pictures of the tokens, along with a little bit of history about the casino itself.

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Soon enough there were members in the group and the number of members kept growing each year. However, players could easily counterfeit these chips and so there was a need to spartan slots bonus chips which could not be replicated by others.

History of Token Club It was not till the s that the chip collectors began interacting with each other regularly.

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I will be continually updating this web site with new stuff. It is a comprehensive list of gaming tokens from Nevada. When the publication of the newsletter had been ceased, he decided to see if he would be able to put together a club of casino chip collectors.

Site Updated June 14th.

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Garage sales and antique shops very rarely offeres a few tokens and chips left over from a trip to casino. Archie Black began publishing the newsletter quarterly and included history and news about the casino industry in Atlantic City. Try your luck at other fantastic casino games and play to win jackpot prizes online.

The first ever issue of the quarterly magazine of the club was issued soon and it had more than pages and appeared in January The dealers began to concentrate on the casino chips soon.

In the earliest days the chips were made from any material like wood, paper, bones, mother of pearl and even ivory. The club organizes regular meetings and conventions and provides valuable information to collectors on chip collection. I mainly concentrate on Nevada gaming tokens, but have acquired many other tokens and a few chips, from throughout the USA and world.

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Details Hi, my name is Dan Wickett, and I've been collecting casino tokens since the early 's. Archie Black had a long experience of establishing coin clubs and had a decent collection of casino chips himself.

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Soon, manufacturers began to create unique chips for each casino with their logo, design and their unique artwork on the chips and with this began the casino chip token collectors club chip collection. Just click on the Casino's name to see a picture of the token.

From its humble beginnings intoday the club has grown to be legendary.

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