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At the base of the south steps, with the peace symbol graffiti. In Nelson, carried by Dead Sea. Inside the office shack to the west, on the desk in the smaller of the two rooms. Lead Pipe - The Humble Cudgel: Lying, Congressional Style Speech 1. On a small table near the pool tables, in the Presidential Suite. All attacks are either physical or magical in nature and each weapon type inflicts a specific type of damage.

As soon as you are close enough to the door, you can go through it and take a monorail directly to the strip. This may require a few attempts. Inside the store marked "Lester", on one of the wooden bookcase shelves.

Go to the basement where Chris goes when they are about to launch the rocket and asks for spare parts.

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Inside the shack, on the table with the clipboard. Dialogue about medicine after psychotic breaks or administer medicine in varying amounts to affect the frequency of psychotic breaks and combat damage. Just to the north of the fallen radar dish. O Daughter of Babylon Silver: Searchlight North Gold Mine: Searchlight East Gold Mine: In the basement of the shack, on the table with the chemistry equipment.

You Run Barter Town Bronze: Nellis Air Force Base: On the ground near the crashed Vertibird, which is located at the south of the map, in about the middle. Resupplied Daniel and the Sorrows.

He offers a lot of help if you play in Hardcore mode.

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Scribe Assistant allows you to craft workbench items through Veronica's dialogue. Lily Bowen is a friendly nightkin and former member of the Master's army, and can be found in Jacobstown.

Play 10 spins of Roulette. Crouch and sneak up to this soldier. On the floor next to the cooker, inside the eastern bungalow, near the pond.

On the floor among the desks in the office. The speech challenge should still be there. Hunting Shotgun - Dinner Bell: Assemble Your Crew Bronze: Nevada Highway Patrol Station: Detonate the C4, and then leave the way you came.

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Safety Deposit Box Gold: However, as long as you remain hidden, it should only flash "Detected" briefly a few times. On the sleeping mattress near the ham radio, close to the campfire. Part of the wall, just to the right of the shack through which you enter. On Benny, when you kill him. Southern Nevada Wind Farm: Enter the vault, and the door will lock behind you. Cause 10, damage with Energy Weapons.

Part of the rock wall, just to the right of the door, by the heart graffiti. This trick requires a few C4 and a Detonator.