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It is perfectly acceptable to include several profiles within the same series in the same construction. Dimensions are always based on the base series size and are in almost all cases integer multiples of the basic series dimension. For 15 series profiles, the diameter of the drilled hole is 0.

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This is just the beginning. Available in metric and imperial profiles. Works great for Machine frames, enclosures, safety guarding, or automation system structure. Standard finish is a clear anodization layer which gives the standard Aluminum finish.

Slide the end fastener tab into the adjoining extrusion's T-slot until the End Fastener's screw head aligns with the centre of the access hole. It does require two machining operations i end tap in the butting extrusion, and ii an access hole in the T-slot of the adjoining extrusion.

Black or clear anodized available. Make Your First Joint If you are looking for a quick and strong joint, the first fastening method we recommend is the End Fastener. Black anodization is available as well. Unless otherwise required, try to stick to the 10 series 1" profiles or the 15 series 1. So if you are looking for short lead times, choosing 10 series or 15 series will help you out when you are in a bind.

Straying into metric profiles is perfectly fine; however, you should be aware that some accessories that you may have had your heart set on at the onset may not be available. To add to the natural benefits of aluminum, our extrusion expertise means you can order shapes in a variety of colors, all without strange seams and supports.

Many electronics employ sensitive magnets. Staying within these profiles will give you access to the largest selection of accessories that are available for use right off the shelf. Smooth outer finish without alignment grooves, LS: What are Aluminum Extrusions?

Hand tighten the end fastener in the first profile end such that the tap is still loose. Often referred to "Lego for adults", you'll soon find out that similar to Lego, the best way to start is with the basic building blocks and add accessories and additions until you achieve the desired end-product.

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Auto manufacturers prefer aluminum over other metals because it is lightweight. This limits emissions and improves vehicle performance. For this reason, extruded aluminum can be found in many electronic gadgets and tools.

Once you have chosen the "Series" of your profile, you still need to narrow down to a specific profile. Another reason for staying with 10 series and 15 series profiles is that these are the most common profiles stocked by local distributors Especially CPI.

If a special color is required, please contact us directly. Uses of Extruded Aluminum Aluminum is among the most useful materials in the world, and aluminum extrusion companies have made inroads in nearly every industry. The end fastener, made with a simple screw and tab provides a strong joint that resists torsion.

Within each profile series, you can get extrusions of different cross sectional dimensions. The below list details a few of the options that you may want to consider. On-site design engineering services are available to assist you with your next project.

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Extruded framing and shapes are used in several different industries because of their unique benefits. Companies in a variety of industries have learned the benefits of extruded aluminum for framing and other projects. The result is a perfectly shaped piece of aluminum.

Once you have the extrusions positioned, insert your hex wrench into the hole and tighten the end fastener for a strong butt joint.

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Some of the common ones are LITE: A 3" X 3" profile is also commonly used for more robust beams within the 15 Series profiles. To make a joint ready for an end fastener, the first thing you need to do is end tap one profile end. Buy T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Now To purchase products immediately, check out our Web Store for a selection of products, or contact us directly at sales cpiautomation.

For example, within the 15 Series profiles, you can elect for a 1. T-slots within a Series are identical and as such you can be confident that accessories that work for one extrusion, will also work for another provided they are from the same series. Mixing extrusions between different series is possible; however, it requires more careful planning and limits the types of accessories you can use.

T-Slotted Aluminum Solutions- Anchor and End Fasteners

If none of these matter, just stick to the standard basic size, LITE variant, with standard clear anodization.