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Then we came up with categories and trivia questions.

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The house gets decorated bright and with candy on the walls. Born This Way by Lady Gaga — collect baby items for a shelter or pre-school; dress as what you wanted to be in elementary school superhero, scientist, etc. Serve delicious drinks and the girls love the sweet theme.

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Usually works as a good introduction into a Greek Week pairing. Locate a suitable field, rope it off and mark it into hundreds of squares.

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Might combine with a jailhouse party where couples dress as convicts and match up through matching prison numbers. Sometimes what we do is have a brunch mixer.

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All decorations and clothing must be red. An old event that features gender role reversals. There is gorgeous art on every wall. While waiting, serve food from tents and party.

153 Fraternity and Sorority Mixer Ideas

They think they are meeting for a regular pledge meeting, we take their phones then tell them they have minutes to be back at the house with a date. The hosts graciously left things for us to use in the house all amenities of course, but also food, a working BBQ, bathroom toiletries, etc. April Showers — collect personal care items for a homeless shelter; spring break theme.

ABC anything but cups or anything but clothes or anyone but carolina: Etiquette dinners are always great. It will give you more good insight on this topic.

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The rhyming costume party. Plug in a bunch of blacklights Screen movies and TV shows with beauty and beast theme. Our Sigma Chi casino 8888 at Duke is candy shop. The second one is a bit odd but was a huge hit. Then we take them ice skating or dancing or something.

As long as you do it off campus or get permission you should be good to go.