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We are not techie people, we gran casino jorge negrete wanted a durable product, and feel we achieved that goal with this purchase. Show me how warning: Make sure all DIMMs meet the requirements of for the motherboard the information listed in product specificationshave the same part number, are from the same manufacturer, and meet the basic memory requirements for your motherboard.

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Immediately press the F10 key if your computer was built in or later came with Windows Vista or Windows 7. It will drop a which usually drops a random excellent item.

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Look inside the computer and locate the memory modules on the motherboard. This information may be listed under Memory Upgrade Information. Use the lower of these two numbers as your maximum memory. Press the Windows The Settings charm opens on the right edge of the screen.

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Account for how much memory will be removed before tucson casino resorts your upgraded memory module s. One of the coolest features is the finger reader you use to gain entry into windows, it very accurate and works very well. If possible, move the computer to a clear, flat, stable work surface over an uncarpeted floor.

If the computer does not start or a beep code sounds, use the next section to troubleshoot the problem. Align the panel or cover with the respective slots in the sides of the computer case.

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Show me how Slide movable bays and sections back into their original positions and secure with screws. This has to be done before adding a new memory module.

Example of BIOS memory information To find the total amount of memory that can be added, subtract the amount of memory currently in the computer from the maximum amount of memory the computer can hold. Use the following steps to insert a memory module into an empty socket: This item doesn't belong on this page.

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If you do not know which BIOS version your computer has, use the steps from one to see if the steps work. Unplug the power cable and press the Power button. Show me how Align the slots in the memory module to the notches in the memory socket.

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This limitation is present on all bit hardware and bit operating systems and is not limited to HP and Compaq PC systems or Microsoft software operating systems. When the first screen displays, do one of the following: After reviewing the following steps, if you are not confident in performing the installation yourself, contact an HP authorized distributor for technical assistance.

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In the Search field or Questions or keywords field at the top of this page, type your computer model number, a space, and the words "opening the case.