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Tap the block on the right twice to move it into the socket. Unless it was a safe bet, be prepared to re-examine your past moves and try, try again.

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Keep this up, and you'll be done in no time. You'll need to be a member of MacHeist to unlock your prize.

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Shove it over into the centre. Just because you can place a rune down, it doesn't mean it's correct. Find a tile next to a gap in the puzzle board. Solve enough of these tricky enigmas and you'll get your mitts on the grand prize.

The verses were very short but there were some words that might be difficult for kids, like the words congregate and descend. You need to get the computer chip into the glowing blue port on the right.

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Grab the chip and slot it into the blue port to clear the level. Log in as a MacHeist agent to collect your prize, and unlock the One of Us achievement. Htc one m8 slots you beat more and more puzzles you'll disable the laser beams, shut off those nuisance security cameras, turn off the electric bars, and raise the gate.

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Hold your finger on the tile and drag it into the gap to move it. Bottom-right is a safe bet. Electrical Wiring These tile-shifting puzzles have been in everything from Resident Evil 4 to Cogs to Christmas cracker toys.

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That leaves just one position for the blue diamond. Click here to get video solutions of all 15 The Heist Scrambled Blocks puzzles. Do it four times and you'll get the prize.

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Tap anywhere on the floor to move your robot. Complete all 60 puzzles and collect your second prize a 99 cent discount from MacHeist to grab the 5 Finger discount award. Sand Gardens These Sudoku-style sand gardens task you with placing coloured runes in such a way that you never get any duplicated shapes on any horizontal or vertical line.

We won't spoil the super secret treasure for you - but rest assured that the loot is worth your time and trouble.

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If you get stuck and can't be bothered to slide everything back to how it was, just tap the 'reset' button the rounded arrow to restart the stage from scratch. I enjoyed the use of rhyme in this picturebook.

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The number of electric volts shows how much energy the puzzle will give you when you beat it. It's a nicely written and drawn picturebook about what people do when facing a storm and how they become closer despite not knowing one another. So as the taps of the raindrops develop into booms of of thunder, the boys and the other civilians find shelter underground at the subway station.

Your pal Sophia will do the rest.

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You can sign up from within in the game, and tap the treasure at any time to finish the process. You can also watch a video to differenza tra slot machine e vlt some chips right away.

Solve a puzzle in three seconds to unlock Quick Fingers. You have to methodically nudge and shove them about to free the chip.

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To do so, you'll have to prove your mettle by solving these puzzles. Most recently, they've been driving us mad in the Professor Layton series. Scrambled Blocks These classic block-shifting head scratchers have been in hundreds of games. When they go back out, they find a beautiful surprise.

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You can always hang up mid-conversation to shut her up. You may find out later that your previous moves are clashing with your new ones. Let's look at the solution to puzzle number 2. The top four icons will let you choose a type of puzzle Left to right: There are two positions left for the blue leaf, and the top-most would clash with the green leaf.

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Work by process of elimination. A tick signifies you've completed it. Just fill up four energy bars, and turn off all the security, and you'll get your prize. The Heist comes with 19 achievements for Apple's Game Center social service. You'll get five achievements for beating the game Energy Efficient, Disappearing Act, Grounded, Open Sesame, and Payday for removing each item of security and cracking the safe.

Click here to get video solutions of all 15 The Heist Electrical Wiring puzzles. One down, 14 to go! Launch the app and solve at least one puzzle for three days in a row to grab Regular.