Isle casino buffet reviews. Review of Farmer's Pick Buffet Restaurant SW 3rd St

Iceberg, spinach, egg, blue cheese, cucumbers and blue cheese dressing.

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So I went at peak lunch time. One thing they do well here is the dessert bar; I had a key lime tart and some coconut cream pie. The place is almost exclusively people who are gambling in the casino; they get a discount with a card, and it's just way too much trouble to make a special trip here, as I found out.

Parking is a problem to start, and getting seated is almost comical.

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This was the best stuff I had all day here. I called a few hours in advance to book our stay It was a five hour drive.

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There were no cakes or pies, either, along with the new trend of using mini pastry shells with a dab of some unknown filling in them. I ended up grabbing some sausage and peppers and tomatoes and mozzarella, along with some tempura chicken.

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I opend up our french doors into not a balcony but bars! A pretty disappointing visit. Tso's chix, take it or leave it. They've got all sorts or marketing going on, even trying to push their bread as somehow superior. I scouted some tarter sauce for the fish; I left at least half of this plate.

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You'd think that a "Farmer's Pick" buffet would do a better job with the veggies. Isle Buffet Pastrami, Rotisserie Chicken, Meatloaf and Fish The pastrami was top notch; I asked my server for mustard but she brought over the yellow stuff in the iced tea picture; they had some better mustard up by the carving stating.

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The layout here is very simple; there are multiple stations along the back wall, a dessert and salad bar in the middle and table and chairs on one big long room; not unlike the Golden Corral. They have servers who bring you everything but the food; drinks, straws, condiments.

This place unsurprisingly reflects the same terrible execution of customer service as the casino, but that's another story.

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Buffets are self-serve and they scam people into tipping wait staff for bringing drinks. Inexcusable Have eaten here many times but last night will probably be the last. Isle Buffet Dining Room This picture was from my first visit; the "Salad" area is now "Soups", and the salad bar is in the central isle.

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I grabbed some ribs, blackened fish, rotisserie chicken and isle casino buffet reviews steamed vegetables to start. Guess I'll be leaving it.

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The ribs had some weird stuff on them and the vegetable casino opening in livingston texas woefully overcooked to the point of mush. The dessert array is not labeled so it's hit or miss in that dept.

On my previous visit, the chinese food was the star of the show; all very fresh looking.