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The Command Interface is extensible and there are several specification documents available which describe these extensions e. Thank you, until next time! First two of these three are necessary for initial handshaking between CAM and its Host, while the CA Support resource is necessary for descrambling the selected channels.

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CAM starts decryption after receiving this command from the host. According to the Common Interface scheme: Each one uses their own algorithms and there is no defined standard for them.

This gives us maximum bitrate on Common Interface CI: This entry was posted in homepageUncategorized.

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This communication is in the form of a layered protocol stack which allows the host and module to share resources. Settings Smart card Press Ok to select, or Exit to quit 1: We can casino am petersbogen the Wireshark application to analyze it.

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By reducing the gambling trip to louisiana of the address and data busses it has been possible to include a bi-directional parallel transport stream interface. Here is a photo below: This can be done by opening a session to host's Low-Speed Folk casino LSC resource assuming that the host announced the availability of this resource.

For testing purposes I will use following command: According to EN, the clock period is ns which means 9 MHz. Even if the Common Interface has been created to resolve cryptography issues, it can have other functions using other types of modules such as Web BrowseriDTV Interactive Televisionand so forth.

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Command Interface[ edit ] In addition there is a command interface for communication between the host and module. Those algorithms are proprietary to individual suppliers. For example, the module can request the current date and time from the host.

The CAM often contains a smart-card reader.

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The second interface, the command interface, carries commands between the host receiver and the module.