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The coils are coaxial and aligned such that all corresponding sides are parallel to each other.

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Various interfaces exist for the host device, including a single-line pulse interface, a multi-line parallel interfacea multi-line binary interface, and serial interfaces such as ccTalkSSP, and MDB. The U5 output indicates large slope direction on the input envelope. The system of the design reliably identifies and counts each coin as it passes through the field, regardless of the rate of motion of the coins, which pass slot colditz saksen the field in a steady stream, or in an intermittent stream, such as in a fare box, for example.

Upon validation, the validator will inform the vending machine controller VMC or other host device of a credit via a parallel or serial interface. The dime and half-dollar are selected because they are the smallest and the largest coin in the assortment to be tested. The purpose of the biasing magnet in this case is to achieve a controlled orientation of the magnetic moments of the ink particles, resulting in a maximum and recognizable magnetic signature.

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Note the pistons that grab it when it detects an insert. Various input voltages and frequencies have been connected to the transmitter coil, and various analytical treatments of the output signal from the receiver coil have been tried. A magnetic sensor located several inches away with its sensitive axis parallel to the direction of travel can detect the remnant field of the ink particles.

The voltages generated in this system by U.

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Is a block diagram of the preferred embodiment of the invention for the coin detector and counter View larger image here. Circuit diagram part 4 of the system shown in fig.

Each denomination has a unique thread position and will glow a unique color in ultraviolet UV light. The dimensions of each coil are selected such that the diameter of the smallest coin to be counted, a dime for example, is slightly greater than the width of each coil, and the diameter of the largest coin, a half dollar for example, is slightly less than the length of each coil.

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This greatly simplifies the coin handling apparatus required for feeding coin through the field. The only requirement is that no two coins be allowed to overlap casino mix the space between the coils. Thus, the present design recognizes that it is necessary to test for conductance as the primary or sole indication of the identity of a coin casino sign photoshop tested.

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When the center of a dime reaches the center of the field it momentarily fills substantially the entire width of the field, and therefore the field "sees" only the dime at that instant, and not any significant portion of the coin ahead of it or behind it in the coin path. When a coin acceptor is used long enough, thousands of coins rolling along a track will leave enough dirt, dust, oil and grease to be visible.

Each coil is wound on an oblong base, which may be either oval-shaped or rectangular. The system uses an 80kHz oscillating field which allows good discrimination of the different types of coins US coins.

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Each coil is arranged such that the windings lie substantially coin slot detector a plane parallel to the coin path, and the length of each coil is perpendicular to the coin path. When other coin sets are to be counted, the preferred coil width is substantially equal to the diameter of the smallest coin, and the coil length is substantially equal to the diameter of the largest.

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The output from coil 26 is passed to differential amplifier 27 and conditioner 28 where signal 29 from circuit 22 is summed therewith to null out quadrature and leave as a remainder only the signal generated by each passing coin. Coin coin slot detector are modular, so a dirty acceptor can be replaced with a clean unit, preventing downtime.

The money value of the coins is totalled to provide a final read-out or display.