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The Rules of European Blackjack

European blackjack in particular has some rule changes that may seem minor, but which have an important impact on gameplay. Player-Favourable Rules Late Surrender is allowed — decreases house edge by 0.

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Easily the most beneficial rule difference is the inclusion of the hole card: The most important of these is the fact that the dealer gets only one card at the start of the hand. Six decks this chart is also accurate for 4 or 8 decks Dealer stands on soft 17 Player may only double on hard totals of Player may double after a split No-peek player loses total bet, including after doubling or splitting, if dealer has blackjack The house edge under this rules is 0.

In any card game, the fewer decks, the lower the house advantage.

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We have already discussed the ENHC rule and its effect on our chances of success The specific rules are as follows: We may not double if we split our hand. When aces are split, players normally only get one additional card. Six to eight standard decks of cards with a shoe. No hole card game — dealer does not peek for blackjack.

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However, card counters beware: In games following European rules, the dealer receives only one card — the second card is only dealt once all players on the table have finalised their decisions and have stood or otherwise busted. In reality, though, the games are quite different in feel and strategy, and you may find that you enjoy one much more than the other.

All other winning hands are paid out at even money, at 1 to 1 odds. Some American variations, such as Double Attack Blackjack and Super Fun 21 are extremely different from the standard template and use either Spanish decks with 48 cards the four 10s are removed or one to six standard decks with player-friendly rules and extremely altered payouts.

The reasoning is clear: The key difference is that without a hole card, it is not possible for the dealer to peek for blackjack immediately after the initial deal. This is because under the European No Hole Card rule ENHCplayers lose all bets against a dealer blackjack — including any additional money wagered on split hands and doubles.

Hole card games — dealer peeks for blackjack on 10s and Ace upcards.

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Payout In European Blackjack, the payout for a blackjack hand is fixed at 3 to 2 odds, which is a good thing to know considering the inconsistency in payouts that plague American variations. This is the worst nightmare for card counters, as it can make keeping a good estimate and count of each practically impossible.

Several other rule changes also mix things up. Dealer stands on Soft 17 — casino near norfolk ne house edge by 0.

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We can split hands up to three times, making four total hands. American versus European Blackjack The key difference between the two variants is one card. The following basic strategy table is appropriate for European blackjackat least the variation I saw played in Berlin and Hamburg, and specifically excepting the United Kingdom.

European Blackjack European Blackjack is one of the most common version of blackjack played across the world, both in live casinos and on the Internet. We can double down after splitting.

The Basics

I have heard that with the new law allowing all splits, doubling on any first two cards is also permitted, at least at the Grosvenor casinos. Santas wild ride slot Blackjack always uses double decks with a shoe.

It has retained widespread popularity due its lower decks used compared to other 21 variations. In US blackjack games, the dealer will almost always take two cards on the initial deal: Using only two decks brings the house edge down 0. However, as most games with fewer decks, the house enforces a variety of unfavourable rules to offset this advantage.

In games of 21 following traditional American rules, the dealer receives one card face up and one card face down. Insurance side wagers are paid out only after the main hand is played. For every hand you might draw, this list guides you through what to do depending on what card the dealer shows. I have heard rumors such games exist in Russia, and I know they do in Macauexcept against a dealer ace.