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And that's how I saved the city from five trust fund yuppies with exactly one gun and one can of lighter fluid between them, using only my hands, a police vehicle, and an invisible army of loyal inner-city archers who I will never mention again. Guess which Sweathog almost graduated from Mr.

Here are 11 other spinoff ideas that barely made it past the drawing board. I said make him ugly! That's the beginning, middle, and end of my character development in this movie. I look forward to fucking up your life in about ten seconds. Horshack Welcome Back, Kotter Ooh!

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I don't remember how I got here. Nor do I especially care. Because Frank Miller writes the way Michael Bay directs. Megan Mullally would star as Karen Walker in her mansion and most of the comedy would be the interaction between her and her servants one of which was slated to be a butler played by Martin Short.

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He now lived in St. Who was left to spin off into their own series?

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Schneider, the building superintendent, of course. February 10, NBC Not too long ago entertainment gossip rags were abuzz discussing the pros and cons of a Dwight Schrute spinoff series that didn't end up happening. Audience reaction to Nick was so positive that not one but three different pilots for a spinoff series were filmed in Have you heard my voice?

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Nor does author Frank Miller, who seems pretty content on dropping me into other, more interesting storylines so I can punch the plot back into action with my ham-sized fists. I mean, you just tortured me, leaving me alone after that just gives me time to heal and work on my next move. Ann Romano had remarried and moved to London and both her daughters had grown up and gotten married.

Which current supporting characters should get their own show?

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Even though the ratings were encouraging, NBC honcho Brandon Tartikoff nixed the series, preferring to keep the Nick character as a semi-regular on Family Ties. Senator threatening you to your face, here. Even though the place turned out to be a decrepit money pit, Mona decided to stay on and co-manage it with him.

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The handsome just won't come off. Also I've already tied two of your friends into pretzels so you should probably get running.

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Why not start with you beating up some mob hitmen? Police are under siege and under a microscope - everyone from the federal government to politicians and citizens in their own city is watching.

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Their goal has always been to protect their great city and they have used unique ways to help bring criminals to justice. Or breaking up a mugging? Harry filmed a pilot which aired in in which Sandra moved to New York to accept a job at a film studio. I say this out loud but we still waste time watching me pull a slot machine lever fifty times.

It makes killing you so much easier. Mona Who's the Boss? Political and social agendas play key roles in how police function.