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Europarl8 nl Dit verslag is een microkosmos van Paolo Costa's werk, want het is een verslag waaruit duidelijk blijkt dat de wijsheid van Salomo, in combinatie met de diplomatieke vaardigheden van de Verenigde Naties, vaak nodig is als men te maken krijgt met technische details als 'gebruik de slot, anders raak je hem kwijt', 'use it or lose it'. The first such gambling devices in the United States were mere novelties that did not return coins but presented gambling opportunites, such as two toy horses that would race after a coin was inserted.


Forces of morality and then of law, opposed the operation of slot machines. By machines that paid off in coins were in existence, usually in the form of a circular display with a spinning indicator that came to rest or pointed to a number, colour or picture. The machine pays off by dropping into a cup or trough from two to all the coins in the machine, depending on how and how many of the symbols line up when the reels come to rest.

They come from many sources and are not checked. By the late s, electronic machines operated by push buttons and having visual displays were in use, especially for the play of such games as Poker, Keno and Blackjack.

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Found in 6 ms. Prohibition outside Nevada, which long had legalized gambling, was virtually total byalthough illegal operation, especially in private clubs, was widely ignored. Gelieve, beoordeel de definitie van "slot machine", dat is de meest nuttige. The slang term one-armed bandit arose from the single handle and the ability of the operators to adjust the rate of payoff, decreasing it in times of high-volume playing and increasing it in slack periods.

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Throughout the s, the machines were popular throughout much of the United States, especially in resort areas and they continued to be popular into the Great Depression years of the '30s.

The term slot machine was originally used for automatic vending machines as well as for the gambling devices, but in the 20th century the term became restricted to the latter. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. But belief that the distribution of slot machines was controlled by organized crime led to legislation restricting their sale and transportation as well as their use except in private time slots vertaling engels clubs.

MultiUn A strategy of institutional communication was elaborated to showcase the work of DEMI, involving The design and printing of promotional material concerning the services of the institution posters, three-page flyers, files, vinyl folders The production of radio slots on the rights of indigenous women Production of mini-programmes on the rights of indigenous women patents-wipo A multi -piece dispenser 10 for confectionary products including a housing 14 defining an inner chamber 16 for storing a multi -piece package 12 of confectionary product including a slot 20 for receiving an end portion 22 the multi -piece package 12 for dispensing the confectionary product and a retention member 30 for retaining the end portion 22 of the package 12 within the slot 20 for further dispensing.


EurLex-2 nl Elk 'slot' op een cellulair schip zal meer jaarlijkse capaciteit voor het vervoer van containers verschaffen dan een 'slot' op een niet-cellulair schip, aangezien het cellulair schip en 76 The applicants in the main proceedings argue that the legislation at issue in those proceedings, by increasing dramatically the amount of gambling taxes levied on the operation of slot machines in amusement arcades, while providing for the transition to an operating system based on a central server, then by prohibiting the operation of those machines outside casinos, without an appropriate transitional period or compensation for the operators concerned, infringes the principles of legal certainty and the protection of legitimate expectations.

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Check translations in other languages: Common crawl Leo Gaming has opened its own factory in China for the production of slot machines and equipment for entertainment with capacity of units per month. EurLex-2 nl Slots die worden toegewezen aan een nieuwe gegadigde als gedefinieerd in artikel 2, onder bkunnen gedurende twee overeenkomstige dienstregelingsperioden niet overeenkomstig lid 1, onder bvan dit artikel worden overgedragen, behalve in het geval van een wettelijk toegestane overname van de activiteiten van een failliete onderneming.

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