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And if it doesn t run automatically, we have a manual mode OCR run on it.

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In this extended interview, Shelly catches up with Peter Korn, Director of Accessibility for Amazon Lab to learn about and hear a live demo of enhancements to Amazon's Fire TV's including a stand-alone model, and forthcoming access to Amazon Locker for package deliveries. You can find out more information about the device on ElBraille's home page.

Now, when the pop-up pops up, you have an option to say, yes.

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So it switches automatically to distance or close-up cameras. On the 8-inch, there s two cameras. This has been another Blind Bargains audio podcast. When text is associated to the file, Prodigi just uses that text to show, so there s no that diamond-edged text that we like to call, we use that text that is related in the PDF.

So these webinars are approximately half an hour to an hour, depending on the complexity of the webinars, but that gives you a head s up or a history of what was done previously. For now, there s nothing on the road map. So Eric, you are in charge of low-vision products for Humanware. If we do launch an Android update, there s going to be a notification that s going to pop up. There are also not one, but two, handy tips this week.

So web capsules are going to be one to two minutes long, explaining a feature in Prodigi and how to use Prodigi, that feature. The Prodigi Connect 12 has been updated with some major new features including PDF reading and editing, a split-screen mode for the distance camera, and improved on-board help.

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So for people who are interested in Humanware low-vision products, how can they get in touch? Thank you very much for welcoming me. We settle in for a regularish-format show, with all the segments you love to love.

We re going to wait for additional features, but having an Android update going into another version, let s say for Nugget, Android N, that, we have to we re in talks with the hardware company that did this chipset on the tablet.

That s no problem. The lightweight glasses run Android and include features like bar code scanning and OCR. Let s talk about some other features.

So you may want to hit pause and pace yourselves accordingly. And then, the last update is going to be an Android update, which is a bit longer. Now, here s Shelly Brisbin. Where we re going with this is I d like people to find their solutions by their own.

And it s -- you can do it now or you can wait for later. It has access to TalkBack and all the Play Store applications that a mainstream tablet would have. Is it available now? And that s going to toggle from distance to magnifier full-screen now. And what s new is the 3.

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The Marshmallow version is doing pretty good. It s going to come.

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What s your, sort of, road map for additional Android updates? So that makes a big difference, and also when you import those PDFs, you can edit the PDFs using the handwriting tool.

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So that s communication and collaboration of a couple companies all together to have that update. It has a really nice feature that we added. It blackjack tap-6 -- first of all, I am starting to do a lot of web capsules using YouTube. Braille, wearables, entertainment, and much more.

This podcast may not be retransmitted, sold, or reproduced without the expressed written permission of A T Guys. Because the main feature is that we can import now, the PDF files into Prodigi and have them read out or change the contrast inside the Prodigi software. Tell me about some more. It s not going to ask me, hey. Sorry to throw selfies in there when it wasn t necessary.

It s an Android device, like you said. It still runs Windows 10 and includes a cell braille display along with a touchscreen with a built-in braille keyboard.

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I m Shelly, and we re talking with Eric Beauchamp from Humanware. Meddaugh as they discuss the conference happenings in rapid-fire. If you do answer it -- not answer the survey, the pop-up will not show again.