How to measure slot port. Stupid Router Tricks: Configuring vPC (Virtual Port Channel) with Cisco Nexus

The connections inside PC joystick are quite simple to do, the harder part is the mechanics.

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This can be prevented by ensuring that the input voltage never falls below a certain threshold, or it could be prevented by incorporating an offset in the voltage to current converter.

Adding support for more buttons The circuit supports two buttons in the original configuration. Stick 2 X-position 11 3 Check also Lew's Wheels. It is possible to build an adapter wich enable using two joysticks or joystick with pedals on soundcard interface.

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This current is enough for burning small wires in your circuit or inside your PC I have burned one flatcable coming form multi-IO card to joytick connector! Choosing Sensors Temperature monitoring is central to the majority of data acquisition systems, be it to save energy costs, increase safety, reduce testing time.

I built my prototype to a small piece of veroboard. Now the current can only go to PC joystick interface though the potentiometer, which give kohm resistance. You need to be a little bit careful with this power output, because it can give quite much current in short circuit situation up to 20A in some cases.

Glossary of Data Acquisition and Control

For fourth how to measure slot port there is no place for in in 9 pin joystick connector, so you must add in in some other nonstandard way. A K-type thermocouple, for example, is made up of chrome and Alumel. When Forward switch is closed then current starts to flow from T1 emitter to base and then through R2 to forward switch.

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Occasionally, the slot is located so that installing a lock will also prevent the removal of a valuable subcomponent, such as a rechargeable battery or a memory module. These methods include balanced bridges and constant current sources. When the digital joystick is in center position the current flows through R3, D1 and potentiometer.

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The circuit is very simple. Circuit operation For X-direction you do not press anything when you are on center. Because PC need different resistances to X and Y inputs to know the joystick position, the circuit converter the four switch inputs form the Atari stick connector to the different X and Y resistance values which are the outputted to PC joystick port.

When potentiometer is tuned center position the PC joystick interface seen around 50 kohm resistance.

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For those who can read Finnsih can check PC: You can add this extra button by wiring it between pins 14 and 4 in the PC side 15 pin connector. Housing this junction in an isothermal box will keep the temperature constant, and a cold junction sensor in the box will tell the system the temperature.

Short circuit on the circuit connected to PC joystick port can cause wires heating, burn thin circuit board traces, crash your computer, damage your PC power supply and even catch fire.

If you want to more accurate alignment, use a simple test program to align those more accurately. Provided that you can tolerate poor accuracy, poor repeatability, poor matching between channels, and poor temperature stability, you can use the joystick position inputs as general purpose analogue inputs, but don't fart too close to them.

If used with a signal direct from a mechanical contact e.

Monitor Issue 5: How to Measure Temperature with a PC

RTDs - Accurate and Stable Resistance temperature devices or detectors rely on the principle that the resistance of a metal increases with temperature. The circuit also simulates also Gravis Gamepad operations except the extra buttons. Stick 2 button 2 14 7 In case you can't get even those components, then you can try almost any general purpose PNP transistor in place of T1 and T2 for example 2N seem to be quite similar, I have not tried that.

The metals give the thermocouples differing properties, such as temperature ranges and accuracy.

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The rensponse of LDR and NTC resistors is typically some exponential response you can try to match an exponetial curve to some measured values you get. Some commercial stick use this method. Converting the Resistance to a Temperature Software like Windmill automatically converts the resistance measurement to a temperature in your choice of engineering units.

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Whatever your reasons, you will need a device to measure the temperature—a temperature sensor. It might also mean expensive wiring costs. Other methods of connecting the hardware to the PC were discussed in our second newsletter. I have not tried myself how well the circuit will work with those components, but I have received reports that the circuit works nicely with those components.

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