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The sausage patty is small, but is loaded with juice and flavor.

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She is happy to inform us that the Cravings Buffet offers premium, medium roast coffee as well as different hot teas like Earl Grey, Green Tea, or Chamomile, as well as assorted juice, soft drinks, and mimosas for an additional charge.

Today I want to try as many different dishes as I can to enhance my all-you-can-eat experience. On my next walk-about, I am in search of a few lighter items.

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Needless to say, I shall return again soon. The cheddar is potent, and quickly overpowers the remaining sushi flavors, and the Swiss, though more mellow, is also quite good.

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The hash browns are golden on top and soft, but solid inside. Moving into my various griddle specialties, I am delighted by the quality of the pancake and waffle.

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More than ten screens display different items from the buffet as they are prepared. They also leave the fresh pot at the table in a carafe. Upon recommendation from a colleague, we have saved the Cravings Buffet, inside the Mirage Hotel and Casino, for last on this trip. Next, I move past the Chinese station with various soups and specialty entrees, and make my way to the salad bar.

I pass him by, looking in to see him preparing four separate orders simultaneously.

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The space is enormous, with at least a hundred tables dominating the open center. This is obviously the most popular station of the breakfast buffet, because in the entire time we have been here, there have been a minimum of two people waiting for a custom omelet.

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I scope out the ingredients: As I stand by, I witness vibrant orange juice being speisekarte db casino stuttgart, hot bacon frying, fluffy pancakes being flipped on the griddle, and cartons of fresh eggs, all designed to tease my already gnawing appetite.

I have decided to save the best for last as I grab a plate and stand in line for an omelet. Chewier, and denser than the breading of the waffle, I find that the toppings pair more seamlessly with this item and it is my favorite of the plate.

The juxtaposition of such different color schemes along with the glowing, golden ceiling decorations are visually appealing, and they help add subtle elements of elegance to the environment.

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Luckily, having arrived early, we make it inside in fewer than five, but from the looks of things, some of these people will be in line for quite some time. Next, I make a stop at the carving station where I sample a slice of prime rib and a hefty piece of ham.

As I walk the pathway from one sign to the next, I account for more than ten separate displays, each acting as its own miniature restaurant with specific fresh items.

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It is easy to spot because the glowing, golden sign stands out above the myriad of slot machines and black jack tables. The small walls also serve as the foundations for long benches facing in towards the other tables, creating ample half-booth seating along the outer edges of the room.

We ride the escalator down and make our way through the check-in hallway. There are many different drink options, and the coffee is good quality.