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Albie had this to say about his attackers: It is irresponsible of the media to name him as one of the attackers when he is not even proven to be invved in the matter. If people didn't stop you, you would probably have killed crowded craps table. But for the record, my mom never hurt me.

What about my goal of having the next wedding of the century with lovely guests wearing the trendiest hats? Everything will soon fall into place. What about that goal to set out and make a difference? This blog aims to inspire those who want to be inspired. According to Albie, Andi went up to him after he had just been beaten up and asked if he was okay.

Kung alcoholic ako, wala sana akong trabaho.

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Sinisira mo hindi lang si Albie kundi yung pamilya namin That's enough, Andi. I thought, maybe thinking about how my life should be right now, like the freedom and lightness of dreaming of the next wedding of the century, would readily bring me to tears again.

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I go about each and everyday making sure, I do things that Singapore casino age limit want, and believe is right, specially without hurting anyone. With make up i would try to do myself, just like royals, Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth have done? This is Andi's revenge'. I curl up like this and my feet are up and they just started stomping on me," said Albie.

The key I guess, is to not expect things way too much.

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I was dreaming with my eyes open as I envisioned myself having my wedding similar, with only less of a budget difference, as compared to theirs. This blog should not at all interest those who know who I am due to the fact that they watch me on tv and nothing more.

Now, I have to stay home and deal with feeling like a planet, while I wait for the ultimate due date. He had just emerged from the men's room when Andi saw him. Wala naman akong ginagawa sa inyo, hindi ko naman kayo kilala. Tears of regret in terms of being fully aware of the greatness and albie casino mom that should have been. In the same interview, Albie's mom Rina also said that she's had it with Andi's lies; the actress had stated in an interview with The Buzz on May 6 that Albie had slapped, pushed, and choked her.

As soon as I have learned to embrace the fact that instead of having a child at the age of 29, it was blessed upon me as early as now, all those points that would usually bring me to endless tears, have remained to be dreams, STILL highly possible from coming true.

She then told him not to show himself to her in public "kasi papatayin ka ng mga 'yan they will kill you. This just goes to show that, yes, amidst the lack of maternal instincts and no ounce of being nurturing or maternal whatsoever, I am now undoubtedly ready to raise a child on my own.

No, because God really does love me. You're not just ruining Albie's reputation but our family's as well.

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This blog warmly welcomes people who are educated enough to not idolize someone only for its good good looks. This blog does not need nor care about the idiosyncratic haters. At lalong di ko pinalaking sinungaling ang mga anak ko. It's also possible that they will file a complaint against Andi. Promise, hindi mo kaya 'yan You can't take them. Eto yung ganti ni Andi' 'Does revenge feel good?

For you to say that my son beat you up, your lies have got to stop!

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It's too much, Andi. God is awesome and He knows whats best for us, without a doubt. Albie's camp believes three individuals were involved: So what about walking down the isle in my awesome white gown? What about grabbing even half as much acting awards as my mom and dad? I didn't even do anything to you; I don't even know you.

Kapag hindi kayo pinigilan ng mga tao, baka pinatay n'yo ako Why did you do that?