Slot tunning. Tuning Tips and Tricks

Weight cannot be added to any cars in any other class. Sand the tyres slightly to complete balance.

Make sure the guide turns easily and smoothly in the guide tube. Remove the wheel from the axle and place plastic or brass shims or cut a length of brass tube to length and shim the space until there is minimal sideways movement when you replace the wheel and axle.

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Body Post Clean Up Another small but important item are the body posts themselves. Originally Posted by Evilatsixtyfour I obtained a lightsaber that has a mod slot for tuning.

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The chassis modification alone will slot tunning the model's handling even if you do not perform any other slot tunning applications. You may change these quick change guides to the wired type if you wish.

Use a small piece of sandpaper to round off the front edges and the front tip. Close Continue You are about to leave this website Here is a video of the process.

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Oil the axle bearings and the contrate. If the chassis or body is rubbing or binding against each otherm then just lossening the screws will not result in the desired amount of true float.

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Keep the tyres clean. Make sure that there are no sharp edges particularly at the front.

Above is the stock interior with the areas than need sanding highlighted. There must not be excessive movement in the main shaft. Having the body on hand to test as you go is always a good idea.

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You are simply sanding the outer edges of the chassis until it can be mounted into the body without obstruction. We will start with basic chassis modifications and then include more advanced options if you decide you want to upgrade the original running gear. You will also want some sandpaper if you want to clean your areas up and make them appear a little cleaner.

Summary This is one of those tuning sessions where numerous small things combined equal a large improvement in performance. A smoother running slot car is always more fun slot tunning race in my opinion and the satisfaction you get from tuning them just adds to that fun factor.

We are featuring the Camaro but these modifications will also work on both versions of the Mustang as the chassis and interior design are identical. As we discussed earlier, the screws in Pioneer models come with a smooth shoulder that really helps you achieve float but only if they do not have excess pressure on them.

Having the screws too tight also allows the body to absorb excess vibration.

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Below is a video of how I clean this and slightly enlarge the mounting holes. The issue is the 2 reinforcment ribs that run the length of the interior and the 2 mounting holes that used to be for securing the interior to the chassis. From the chassis edges to the interior tray, there are areas that need some work.