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Garrison fortress[ edit ] Military barracks on the outskirts of the castle The Swedish conquest of Kronborg in demonstrated that the castle was far from impregnable. The king had the right to buy the cargo for the price the ship's captain stated.

The convicts had been sentenced to work on the castle's fortifications. In the south wing, the medieval building in the southeast corner was refitted as a modern chapel with the vaulted windows facing the chapel being retained. The walls are hung with a series of large paintings which were originally made from to for the Great Hall of Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen.

Only the Chapel was spared by the strength of its arches. The paintings in the Ballroom include: The building in the southwestern corner contained a large arched banquet hall. Soon after the west and north wings were also heigtened by one storey. During this period, a number of renovations were completed. His beard has grown to extend along the ground.

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This policy prevented captains from stating prices that were too low. The sculptural work was coordinated by Gert van Groningen. Hamlet was performed in the castle for the first time to mark the th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, with a cast consisting of soldiers from the castle garrison. Also the castle itself was rebuilt, with the separated buildings of Krogen being extended to three coherent wings.

After this the castle acquired its current name of Kronborg lit. The stage was in the telegraph tower in the southwest corner of the castle. Sound Due and recent history[ edit ] The captain of every ship sailing through the strait had to state the value of ship's cargo. Frederick was a keen patron of theatre and players performed at the castle when he held court there in The king insisted on the payment of sound dues by all ships wishing to enter or leave the Baltic Sea passing through the Sound ; to help enforce his demands, he built a powerful fortress at the narrowest point in the Sound.

The north wing was equipped with chambers for the king, queen and her ladies-in-waiting as well as for the chancellery. Inas the castle was being fitted for use as army barracksthe chapel was fitted out as a gymnasium and fencing hall and the furniture stored away.

Finally, the east wing was also heightened with a passageway, The Queen's Gallery, allowing the Queen comfortable passage from her chambers in the north wing to the ball room in the south wing.

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Initially, the castle was reconstructed only to a height of two storeys. The chapel was refurnished with the original furniture in and reinaugurated in Large portions of the walls of Krogen are contained within the present-day Kronborg Castle.

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Otherwise, they served their time under the same conditions: With the two castles and guard ships it was possible to control all navigation through the Sound. Chapel[ edit ] The Chapel The chapel is located in the ground floor of the south wing and was inaugurated in At the time, the Kingdom of Denmark extended across both sides of the Sound, and on the eastern shore the Helsingborg Castle had been in existence since the Middle Ages.

During the Swedish occupation, the queen of Sweden, Hedvig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp and the Swedish king's sister Maria Eufrosyne of Pfalz lived at Kronborg, where they were visited by Charles X of Sweden during the campaign and entertained the foreign ambassadors.

King Christian IV put great efforts into restoring the castle. The King's Chamber has a bay windowlocated right above the castle's main portal, from which the king could keep an eye on guests arriving at the castle, whereas the Queen's Chamber has access to a vaulted tower chamber overlooking the Flag Bastion.

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Afterwards, the defences were strengthened significantly. From tothe castle was completely under military administration. The convicts were divided into two categories: The apartments were originally furnished by Frederick II aroundbut after the fire inChristian IV had the apartments refurnished and richly decorated with ceiling paintingsstone portals and chimneypieces.

The approach from the town is to the east, with a series of moats and gates protecting the route from the town to the castle itself. The original floors were tiled in black and white which were replaced with wooden floorboards inand the walls were clad in gilt-leather.

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Ina moment's carelessness by two workmen caused much of the castle to go up in flames in the night between the 24 and 25 September. Already inthe work was underway, led by the architect Hans van Steenwinckel the Younger.

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Seven more tapestries are at the National Museum of Denmark, while the rest have been lost. Ballroom[ edit ] The Great Ballroom Measuring 62 x 12 metres, the Ballroom was the largest hall in Edgewater casino entertainment special events Europe when it was completed in King Christian III had the corners of the curtain wall supplemented with bastions in Christmas at Kronborgwhich featured both Hamlet and Holger the Dane.

After the conclusion of the Northern Seven Years' War inKing Frederick II initiated an extension of the advanced bastions to relieve the medieval curtain wall. The exterior walls were clad with sandstone from Scaniaand the new castle was given a roof with copper sheeting.

Royal apartments[ edit ] The King's Chamber One of the ceiling paintings in the King's Chamber showing putti carrying Christian IV's crowned monogram The royal apartments are located on the first floor of the north wing.

A statue of the sleeping Holger has been placed in the castle.