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Throw the elixir on your team mates in areas where you may need a small amount of stability, such as the wind tunnels at Cliffside Fractal. It does moderate DPS, but since it hits 3 times it also applies vulnerability 3 times and has 3 rolls for on hit effects such as Shrapnel and Sharpshooter Shrapnel Grenade — The grenade with both the highest direct damage and condition damage, making it the grenade with the highest use priority Flash Grenade — A grenade with low damage and a moderate duration blind.

However, this is usually more impractical than using the profusion of other out of combat c programming blackjack cleanses available to engineer Throw Stimulant — Can be used to stack a little bit of fury before engaging combat, such is in solo situations Throw Accelerant — The most useful skill on this toolkit.

It can be used to reposition mobs, strip defiance or as a reflect.

If you plan on using it as a blind, you should always try to drop a Fire Bomb before a Smoke Bomb so that the fire field will take priority and your group will not blast stealth whilst fighting the mobs. A blast with an extremely hard hitting ticking AoE left behind. Because of this, it should always be used when off cooldown when playing a condition build.

It is an AoE with high DPS, whilst providing at least 6 stacks of vulnerability due to traits Bomb Kit A core kit in condition builds, but also has plenty out of in combat and out of combat utility Bomb — The autoattack of the kit.

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It can be thrown before combat to allow your party to save their projectile blocks until later in the fight, however it is held back from any real practical use by its inconsistency. It provides a large DPS increase as well as some extra utility Tranquilizer Dart — The autoattack of the elixir gun, and unsurprisingly has no practical use Elixir F — Another skill with no real purpose in the current metagame, however it can be used in situations where you need a quick cripple on a boss or mob Fumigate — A low DPS skill, however it cleanses up to 5 conditions on allies hit by it.

Although it may take a vast amount more effort to achieve what other classes can, let alone surpass them, in my experience it is a very rewarding and satisfying class with probably the highest skill ceiling in PvE.

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It applies confusion and can bounce allowing you to stack large amounts of confusion on 2 targets. The utility skill can sometimes be used to keep trash mobs knocked down whilst you safely dispatch of them Builds Power Builds — Grenade Triple Kit This is the traditional PvE meta build for the engineer. Another example is when a large group of trash mobs are about to engage you, such as the group after the Abomination in Arah Path 2.

Examples of where you can use the smoke field is all CM paths and Arah Path 2.

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It is also worth noting that the blast finisher goes through at your landing position, not your takeoff position, meaning your group will often miss any stealth blasts from this Utility Goggles — Its uses extend to clearing turrets in Arah, which is made largely irrelevant by the trait Reactive Lenses and Elixir U Throw Mine — The toolbelt skill can be casted and then the utility skill quickly changed to something better before you get in combat.

It provides a blast whilst also increasing DPS. It has no cast time and is free DPS, so it should be used whenever possible. It can be used to reposition yourself out of AoEs or cleaves during combat, and also for travel out of combat, especially when combined with a weapon swap to prevent the short after cast period where you cannot move Pistol Main Hand Although this is the main weapon in a condition build, a power build may also run it if the player feels they need the extra defensive provided by an offhand shield, and they are also unable to run a condition build, or at an encounter where a power build is more appropriate Fragmentation Shot — The auto attack of pistol.

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It can also be used to strip defiance. It is also unblockable, meaning you can interrupt or reposition blocking bosses, such as the Imbued Shaman during shield phases Throw Wrench — The toolbelt skill provided by the Tool Kit.

Lupicus Solos Poison Grenade — This grenade used to do almost no direct damage and leave long poison fields on the ground for half of eternity, however the core specialisation made the poison application immediate and direct, and also put the direct damage on par with freeze grenade, making it now the 2nd priority grenade Grenade Barrage — The toolbelt skill provided by the Grenade Kit.

To maximise the DPS from the skill it is important to learn how to immediately cancel the leap after the AoE has gone off, which is explained in detail in the miscellaneous tactics section of this guide Super Elixir — A pulsing heal combined with a condition cleanse. Although this guide does not go into much detail about specific dungeons and encounters, there is a wealth of information available at www.

Similarly, you can thief slot skills gw2 it to temporarily immobilise a melee boss, allowing you to resurrect a downed team-mate without pressure from the boss Blunderbuss — This is a high DPS skill that does both more direct damage and bleed damage the closer the target is. This build also has the least in terms of defense, making it an appealing build for veteran players to run instead of a condition build which can enjoy the comfort of additional defense.

Unfortunately, you usually only have time to pre-cast one skill, and there are usually better skills to precast than this.

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Along with the rest of the Mortar Kit skills, its range makes it excellent for pulling mobs from far away Poison Gas Shell — A pulsing poison field which is worth using when running a condition damage build, however it leaves a poison field so you must be careful when you use it to prevent 3 minutes of area weakness being blasted Endothermic Shell — Useful for when you need to chill a boss or mobs, but has no real use other than that.

The total of 7 conditions converted between the utility skill and the toolbelt skill mean that it is useful in situations such as running a wisp in Swampland Fractal Elixir R — Another elixir where the toolbelt skill is better than the actual utility skill. To get it to work correctly, you need to drop the turret, target something within units of the turret and then overcharge the turret.

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Any skill that has more than one target is considered area of effect Pull — gaining the initial aggro of an enemy Boons — also known as buffs, these give positive effects to you and allies Proc — Programmed Random Occurrence. The ability for bosses to crit and inflict conditions on turrets was the last nail in the coffin for an already overwhelmingly useless group of utilities.

It has low DPS meaning it is not used in any rotations, however it can be useful when pulling mobs from range, since grenade kit is now range and mortar shells have a long travel time Net shot — Once again this skill is not used in any rotations, however it does see some use when targets need to be immobilised. The toolbelt skill can also be used as a short duration fire field, in place of something like a Lava Font Thumper Turret — Can be used for cheesing boss tanking, especially when combined with Advanced Turrets and the autoattack of Tool Kit and Power Wrench.

It boasts strong offensive capabilities whilst also providing a good amount of utility. This guide acts as an introduction to both the class but also to meta PvE builds and tactics. The toolbelt skill can also be used to stun single trash mobs, such as the Graveling at the beginning of AC Rocket Boots — Useful for travelling between encounters, however it has no use whilst in combat.

Only should be used when otherwise a party member or yourself will down or during periods where you cannot DPS e.